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Because you can boost happiness by taking time for small moments of joy. πŸ™Œ βœ…

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How to be liked

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If you know anything for sure, you know what you like, right? πŸ† πŸ’― Whether it’s cats or dogs, Star Wars or Star Trek, Starbucks or Tims, once you like something or someone you usually have no doubt about that. And you usually like them because they help you somehow.... Read More

Because we love you. πŸ’

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Because we love you and always wish you near, never far away, we seek new ways to feel your presence each and every day. In our ongoing search for new ways to better feel your presence πŸ’–, we recently wondered if our mortgage application could be a place to do... Read More

Meet the human equivalent of chicken soup

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Chicken soup is an age-old folk remedy for all kinds of ailments and discomforts. You’ve known that since like kindergarten, right? πŸ™Œ Ever Googled ‘why chicken soup is good for you’? If yes, you’ve likely seen pages and pages of tidbits and stories on how the veggies, broth, seasonings, etc.,... Read More